Walmart : A Bureaucracy Is An Important Form Of Social Organization

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Walmart as a Bureaucracy Bureaucracies have increased and are quickly infiltrating almost every area of life in the Western Hemisphere. From the city government to the military, bureaucracy provides an important form of social organization. In fact, referencing the federal bureaucracy, The Washington Post states, “Our carefully constructed system of checks and balances is being negated by the rise of a fourth branch, an administrative state of sprawling departments and agencies that govern with increasing autonomy and decreasing transparency” (Turley, 2013). A bureaucracy can be a large formal organization, but regardless of its size, it often emphasizes memos and reports, sometimes leading people to believe that the bureaucracy does not care about other people (Larkin, 2015). It depends heavily upon specialization, in which each worker performs a specific task (Larkin, 2015). One example of a bureaucracy in which I am familiar with is Walmart. Walmart organizes itself hierarchically, divides labor, maintains a strict list of policies, and keeps written records. It also can be somewhat impersonal, since employees are easily replaceable. Organizing work in a hierarchical fashion helps the company run more efficiently. In Walmart’s hierarchy, the Board is the pinnacle of the company. The Board consists of the CEO, the Chairman of the Board, and 10 Directors (, n.d.). Next in the hierarchy, is the N-1, which consists of the CFO, Global eCommerce, Legal,…

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