Walgreens Swot Analysis

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Industry Environment Walgreens is the top competitor in the retail drugstore industry. To date, approx. 10,000 stores. Other competitors include CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, and Kroger. Walgreens creates differentiation by increasing brand loyalty, market share and their Wellness Program. Walgreens offers consumers a variety of basic consumer goods. Walgreens has positioned its company as the market leader of innovative technology by offering cost effective solutions that provide value added services to the consumer. Walgreens ability to operate as an IT strategy focused operation is key to exhibiting a competitive advantage within the market. The ability to gain a further market advantage would be dependent upon innovation that would continue to differentiate Walgreens from the competition and establish its individual Brand identity.The Porter Model will be used in this analysis to define Walgreens industry environment. Porter …show more content…
Rivalry among competitors include regional and national; drug store chains that continue to grow. Also big chains like Walmart, Kroger, and Target who continue to diverse their mission by providing a one stop location. People often choose convenience versus low prices depending on their life style and that barrier hurt Walgreens. One of the main competitors is CVS. Competition between Walgreens and CVS pharmacies is aggressive and direct. For example, CVS recently ran an advertisement in millions of circulars instructing Walgreens customers how to transition their accounts to CVS, and this behavior has continued as Express Scripts customers can no longer use Walgreens as their prescription drug provider and CVS works to acquire this market share. It’s very rare that you see a Walgreens without a CVS close by. Other rivalry include low switching costs and undifferentiated products. Government regulations are vulunerable to change and global economic slowdown forecasts risk of slow down as

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