Walgreens Corporate Structure Consists Of Ten Separate Divisions

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Walgreens corporate structure consists of ten separate divisions. Marketing manages all product and brand marketing for the whole company (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.). IT and engineering maintain all hardware and software along with developing projects to advance the company technologically (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.). The facilities and real estate team analyze the store location and building sites for the expansion (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.). Other departments include the corporate management team, finance, legal, human resources, merchandizing and procurement, sales and strategy, and business development (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.).
In each Walgreens local location, each position report to management at the local level. Local managers have authority to hire their own local team members to fill a variety of positions, such as beauty clerk, store team lead, photo specialists, service clerks, and management trainee positions (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.). Those positions could report directly to their local managers. Then, local managers report to corporate headquarters concerning inventory, sales, and other areas (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.).
The distribution division at Walgreens operates more than 20 distribution centers that distribute products and brands to over 8,000 retail locations across the US (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.). Each distribution management team reports to the corporate office (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.). Each distribution centers handle their own finances, human…

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