Walgreens Co. Swot Analysis Essay

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Walgreens Company SWOT Analysis
Melanie Garces
July 16, 2012
Kirk Davis

This paper will provide insight into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the Walgreens Company, the nation’s leading drugstore chain. The company’s key stakeholders – customers, employees and the community are also identified and an explanation provided as to how the company is satisfying the needs and wants of each stakeholder type. This paper analyzes the strengths of the company as the industry leader with its wide portfolio of products and services, as well as establishing the benchmark for growth through acquisitions. The company’s weaknesses include prescription errors resulting in death and being unable to keep
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Although errors occur in a tiny fraction of the hundreds of millions of prescriptions filled each year in the U.S. this number is a growing concern. Analysts believe the problem can be attributed to the steady increase in the number of prescriptions filled annually, combined with a steady decline in the number of pharmacists. Pharmacies attempt to solve this problem by hiring pharmacy technicians—who are easier to find and earn less—instead of licensed pharmacists. The problem is that these technicians have not received nearly the level of training required to be a licensed pharmacist. Prescription medication is heavily regulated, and for good reason. Many medications must be administered with the utmost care. Failure to closely follow the instructions associated with administering medications can result in tragedy.
Price Competition with Large Discounters. Walgreens is unable to remain competitive on price, both of prescriptions and other merchandise. As with any convenience store, customers pay more for the convenience. Since Walgreens is not the low-cost leader of the industry, it is difficult for the company to remain competitive against large discounters like Wal-Mart and Target. Since Walgreens will not and cannot afford to match the prices of these discounters, it will not compete on price in many categories.
Growing Demand for e-Prescriptions. With

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