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The Freedom Writers Diary is a book that I truly enjoyed. It is a book broken down in diary form viewing the survival of a first year teacher and her students. This book shines light on real issues that these students as well as their teacher went through. These issues range from racism, death, and gang related violence. Although the only person that is named throughout the entire book is Ms. Gruwell, one can still identify and keep track of the situations that occur. Diary number two, by far was the most prevalent in my opinion. It gave the viewpoint of a white male student in a class where he was the minority. “What the hell am I doing in here? I’m the only white person in this English class! …Is this really where I’m supposed to be?” …show more content…
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I learned that when you individualize situations learning becomes more receptive. felt he should stick with his own kind; separate and not equal. I"tmll lie and insist that there"tms been a computer error and that I am supposed to be in the Distinguished Scholars class, even though I suck in English and have a learning disability. Students will dictate how the class is run. In schools today, I believe that separating students based upon their performance, can have two effects, either negative or positive. "Tomorrow morning, my journey as an English teacher officially begins. Separation can be viewed as something positive because if students are placed in "honor" classes, those that are not 4will be challenged to work harder so they too can be placed in the same class. By placing mostly upper white students in these

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