Wal Mart Is Better Than A Life Essay

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As a child, I loved to go to the store with my mom. The long aisles and slick floors presented endless opportunities for misadventure that I could not have at home. Even more amusing were the shopping carts that my sisters and I used for our grocery store x-games. We rammed into people, had jousting tournaments with the pool noodles, and took turns pushing each other as fast as we could. They loved that I was so tiny, it allowed them to cram me onto the pygmy-sized rack underneath the basket. Mom hated it when we would pile on the front, making my her grunt and heave to push us around a corner. For us children, Wal-Mart was better than a trip to the park. For my mother, it was pursed lips, a sore throat, and constant threats of marching us off to the dreaded bathroom. Never did I imagine that this place of innumerable enchantments would soon become more horrifying than the bathroom I was always threatened with. On the morning of the incident, I rode shotgun with my mom to Community Market. It was one of the few stores in town where I was still allowed within eyesight of the parking lot. Only the two of us went this time, and I was feeling anxious already. Without my older sisters there, raising hell in the produce section lost its usual luster. Once we arrived, my mother put the car in park and began to dig around in her purse. Her lips curled. Her forehead scrunched in consternation. At last, she produced a crumpled piece of paper, a wad of bills, and a handful of loose…

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