Essay on Wal-Mart Case Study on Csr

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Case study of Wal-Mart

In this essay, the case of Wal-Mart will be discussed by applying the Milton Friedman’s argument on CSR and utilitarianism.

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world, however, it is also known for ruthless exploitation of employee, squeezing suppliers, and crushing communities. It has been the Public Enemy No. 1 for a generation of activists and reformers. To cope with these oppositions, Wal-Mart responded vigorously and, instead, announced plans to preserving the environment, fighting hunger, empowering women and providing access to healthy, affordable food.

The essay will try to argue the problems of Wal-Mart dominating the
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Also, according to Friedman, a manager’s only social responsibility is to increase the profit, without breaking the law or otherwise engaging in fraud or coercion, if the manager of Wal-Mart chose to spend the property of the stockholder to serve the interest of the employee and the community, they are not being responsible. Focusing other social objective different from profit maximization is equal to spending other people’s money for your own purposes, which is not the reason and purpose of hiring the manager and it is like stealing from the owners which is ethically equal to theft.

2. Utilitarianism
Moreover, when look at the case with the with utilitarianism, what Wal-Mart does may be actually doing good to the society. Utilitarianism is a consequentialist system in which the preference of greatest number of the people in the society is consider the greatest good(Frederick et. al, 2007). Utilitarianism is used to determine whether someone’s action is right or wrong by considering the consequences that comes out. In other words, it means a person’s action is morally right or wrong is determine on the overall consequences of our act which is the happiness or the unhappiness of the greatest number of people. By practicing Utilitarianism, it should create greatest possible good for the whole society. In the case of Wal-Mart, by not increasing wages of the employees, the money actually return to the society directly and indirectly in different forms

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