Wal-Mart And Chinese Labor Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution details international activist groups’ attempt to regulate unfair labor practices. Activist groups, such as the China Labor Watch, strive to improve conditions for Chinese factory workers. In the article, it states, “China Labor Watch, a New York-based nonprofit watchdog group, issued a report stating that several Chinese suppliers to Wal-Mart routinely fail to pay wages and provide health insurance as required by Chinese law.” It is the mission of the China Labor Watch, among many other advocacy groups, to defend the workers right through research and advocacy, providing assistance and raising awareness. However, these activist groups are not very effective. Despite international organizations efforts to improve conditions, many of the conditions and practiced of Chinese factories go unnoticed and undocumented, in part due to unscrupulous record keeping on behalf of the factory, such as forging a falsified book of records to show inspectors. However, journalists and reporters have been successful in investigating and releasing articles, photographs, and video footage of the factory conditions, enlightening the world to the truth, hoping to gain public recognition of the illegal practices and garnering support to counter

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