Waiting Till Helen Comes By Mary Downings Essay

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Reading Essay

I didn’t start to enjoy reading until I was about 8 or 9 when I started going to the school library more and checked out a book called Wait till Helen Comes. It is a mystery novel by Mary Downings about a girl who’s father,stepmother, brother, and stepsister all move into an old church in a small town down in the country. I fell in love with it immediately, I fell in love with mystery novels, especially ones that have sequels because I love the suspense of a good mystery. I was really sad when I couldn 't find anymore of Mary Downing’s books in my school 's library so I decided to look for more in my local library, but unfortunately I forgot how to spell her name so I had a hard time finding more books. As a teenager I have found many more of her books that i still have yet to read. When I had to return my library book I checked out a higher reading level book about horses. I never made it past chapter two because it was so boring. I kept trying to finish it so I checked it out again and again but I never read it. I finally gave up on that book and tried to pick a new book to read when the librarian recommended I read a book about tinker bell and her friends. I was interested because I thought the cover was pretty. I finished the book the same day because it was meant for kids two reading levels below me.

As a child I never read Diary of a Wimpy kid, or Captain Underpants, I read more mystery books like the Magic Tree House and Junie B Jones. As I got older I…

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