Wahl's Analysis

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Throughout the story Wahls tells us about his experiences having to deal with his parents being a lesbian couple. On the other hand, Wahls also explains to us about the regular family struggles they faced, when his mother, Terry, was diagnosed with MS. Zach makes it a point to show and explain to us that anyone could have grown up like him given the same means he had. While most people argue that because Zach did not have a father figure around, he was unable to learn things that supposedly only men could teach. On the contrary, from personal experiences, his parents are much more loyal and have much higher morals and respect for others than my straight parents. Zach gives us many examples to show just how loyal his parents were to each other. …show more content…
“As Terry withered on an ER table deep within the University of Iowa Hospital, once again, in the eyes of the law, the woman by her side was only stranger” (Wahls, 2012, p.143). Jackie’s’ loyalty to Terry, is what had kept her by her side through each and every hospital visit and stay they went to. She had no legal obligation or say as to what would happen to wife, and instead of running away she just to stay for the love between the two of them. At the beginning of chapter 10, anyone can see the loyalty Jackie has for her wife. The loyalty is plain as day when you read, “What I didn’t understand was why Jackie was willing to risk suffering through and extended illness and then losing the person she loved on terms that weren’t her own. She could have decided to walk away form the situation on her own terms when she learned of Terry’s diagnosis back in 2000, and I’m not sure anyone would have blamed her” (Wahls, 2012, p.131). Zach was not taught about loyalty, rather than he was shown what it meant to be loyal. He grew up with his parents only ever being loyal and it became second nature for

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