Wage Gap Argument

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Throughout history, a wage gap has existed between genders. It has slightly closed since the 1960’s, but is still existent today. Recent studies have shown that the average working woman makes 78 percent of what the average working man makes. In other words, women make 78 cents to every dollar a man makes. (Vogtman and Robbins, 1). It is evident that this gap needs to close. Although the wage gap is said to end with time by some; others believe it can be stopped by raising the federal minimum wage, encouraging coworkers to discuss their salary, and increasing the flexibility of work hours in jobs.
If the federal minimum wage is raised, the wage gap will close. The National Women’s Law center found that two-thirds of those working in minimum
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The people who believe this claim that women have bad occupations, which is why they make less money than men. These skeptics also say that if women were to acquire higher paying occupations, the wage gap would close. It has been proven that this belief is inaccurate. The wage gap in evident in some of the most elite jobs. Female doctors make 71 percent as much as their male coworkers, female lawyers earn 82 percent, and female financial specialists earn 66 percent. (Miller, 1). Also, it has been shown that men who work in a female dominated job make more than the women working in that same occupation. Another belief is that women make significantly less than men because mothers work less. It has been shown that as a family has more children, the man in the house will typically earn more money to support the additional children. This differs from women, who tend to make less money as they have more children. Many people believe that this is because new mothers ask for time off more often than other employees, causing them to work less than the average employee. They believe this is by choice when, in reality, it is frequently because the family cannot afford childcare and the employers aren’t flexible in working hours. The people that refuse to accept the existence of the wage gap are not supporting their claims with factual details. The statements they make may sound authentic, but the fallibility of them can be proven with

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