Essay about Wage Disparity Between White Men And Minorities

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Despite the numerous advances occurring yearly in the 21st Century, we as a society have yet to come up with a way to resolve the issues of pay equity and pay equality that seems to plague today’s work landscape. One would think the Equal Pay Act would have remedied these issues but it has not. The law afforded the opportunities for individuals who work in the same job that uses the same or equal skill, effort and responsibility, which are performed in the same work environment equal pay. This equal pay is just not about the same wages, but included overtime pay, vacation and holiday pay, profit sharing, stock options, allowances, and other benefits. The issue with pay equity is that it puts women and minorities at a wage disadvantage with their male workers whom have similar jobs. On the other coin of this equation is the effect of pay equity for women and minorities. The wage disparity between white men and minorities, which includes women is growing. This paper will attempt to show the differences between pay equality and equity and how they are intertwined with each other.
So why in this day and time are we still addressing equal pay and pay equity? Even with the civil rights laws and laws such as the Lily Ledbetter Act, workplace discrimination is still evident and persistent. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 1979 the first year earnings data were made available women’s earning was 62% of men’s earnings and since 2004 it has increased up to…

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