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ThinkGeek Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Maker Review

Are you a die-hard fan of Star Wars? If yes, then now you can have the company of star wars even at your breakfast. Yes, it is certainly possible with this amazing product from ThinkGeek. This waffle maker from ThinkGeek is officially licensed product of the merchandise of the Star Wars – The Force Awakens. With this waffle maker, you can get the Star Wars design on your crispy and healthy waffles. It is super easy to use and clean and is a good way to indulge your child in a healthy breakfast. This light weight product launched in 2016 has got amazing reviews and ratings from customer and is a value for money product. The product comes with an electrical plug of Type B socket (American) and is
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Innovative design – This innovative product from ThinkGeek is having an attractive body shape and design. The non-stick cast aluminum cooking plates make sure that you get crispy and crunchy waffles and the batter does not stick to the plates. The product is 8 inch deep, 10 inch wide and 4 inch tall. It is a light-weight product and weighs only 2lbs. The top of the waffle marker is made up of an insulated material and also the bottom section has stands to add some height to the waffle maker. The stands make sure that the waffle maker remains in its position and does not slip away while making waffles.

2. Light Indicators – The ThinkGeek Star Wars waffle maker comes with 2 indicator lights. When the waffle iron is ready to cook it shows the green light and then it is time to oil the cooking plate and add the batter. After that you can close the waffle maker and the light turns red. It will turn green again when the waffle is completely cooked. The indicators makes it easy for beginners to make waffles and there is no hassle to keep recording the time. The indicators ensure that you get perfectly cooked
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Easy and fast to make – This waffle maker is easy to use and does its job very quickly. It takes around 3-5 minutes to cook a crispy waffle using this waffle iron. This time is little more than making a insta-bread. You can cook for a little longer if you are looking to get a dark brown waffle. So if you are in a hurry to rush your kid to school in the morning, you need not skip the breakfast. You can make a healthy and tasty breakfast in minutes. Also if your kid is a star wars fan then he will surely love it.

5. Temperature Settings – You can set several temperature options on this Star Wars waffle maker from ThinkGeek. So if you want to get a crispier and dark brown waffle then you must keep temperature high and allow to cook for a longer time. For light crisp waffles even lower temperatures would work. With adjustable temperature settings you can make the waffle as per your preferences. You can experiment as per your experience. However it is easy to try out as the batter does not stick to the cooking plates. Make sure to keep an eye on the indicator lights before opening the lid of the waffle

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