WWII: The Causes Of World War II?

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World War II, was one of the most tragic wars of the 20th Century. Lots of lives were lost, as the world witnessed what happens, when hate and racism controls a war. Many countries, will be forever changed, because of what took place during those few years of battle. Looking back, one person might ask how this happened. What triggered WWII? The aftermath of the World War I, and the leadership of Hitler can be considered causes of WWII. After World War I, Germany was put on the hot seat by the rest of the European countries, to face the damage they had caused during wartime. This started when Germany was excluded from the Peace Conference, where the negotiations had taken place to figure out how Germany would pay for the destruction of WWI. …show more content…
Germany was suffering, especially economically, they could not afford to pay back the money they owed for reparation. With the economy down, everything starts to slowly fall apart. Germany, felt they were being punished too harshly for their role in WWI. No other country in Europe was ever dealt with an aftermath this cruel or harsh. Germany was left in a broken state, it was vulnerable. It was in this state of vulnerability, that Hitler was able to rise to power, and steer Germany back to …show more content…
Hitler wanted to make Germany powerful again. He was able to do this by first strengthening Germany’s economy, and rebuilding its army (even though rearming was a violation of the Treaty of Versailles). Secondly, Hitler was able to restore Germany by reuniting (or promising to reunite) with the land taken from them after WWI, allowing the Germans to return to their homeland. Lastly, he was able to unify Germany by making Jews and whoever was not part of the Aryan descent as scapegoats. The Nazi party, was another key to his power, because they allowed him to take control militarily and politically. The Nazi party also helped the Italian and Spanish fascist fight communists in their country, which help them gain alliances with other nations. Hitler, attempted to lead his country to greatness, by killing and destroying everything that did not agree with his ideal country.
The dictatorship of Hitler, an important cause of WWII. He was the final piece in the puzzle of chaos. He was able to manipulate people to make them feel strong by ordering the annihilation and alienation others (those who do not his ideal version of a person). He was able to get people to attack and become violent, by saying their way of life (the Aryan way of

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