W L Gore: Analysis of Leadership Method Essay

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It’s hard to talk about management innovation without tipping your hat to W.L. Gore, the venerable maker of Gore-Tex and a host of other pioneering materials and products as diverse as synthetic vascular grafts, Elixir guitar strings, and Glide dental floss. Lauded as "the world's most innovative company" time and time again, Gore's wholly original (and endlessly inspirational) model for creating a true democracy of innovation is firmly rooted in the story of founder Bill Gore. More than half a century ago, in 1958, Bill Gore quit DuPont to start a business aimed at imagining and commercializing new uses for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)—the material popularized as Gore-Tex. But he wasn't simply interested in inventing new
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This kind of style suits such organisations where employees are skilful, innovative and creative. Furthermore, this style is successful where employees show responsibility and loyalty with organisations. (Management study guide, 2011)

1.2 Democratic style of W L Gore
W L Gore’s leadership style is democratic .In W L Gore leaders are not appointed from above and he/she emerges from team members. The associates who elect leaders and those leaders come on the bases of experience, knowledge and talents. Moreover, In W L Gore the leader’s job is not to make an individual decision and associates also participate in decision making .In W L Gore the power, influence and responsibilities are shared between associates and leaders. In W L Gore the organisation have many teams and every team have leader who always make plan with the help of associates and if associates are not agree with situation then leaders can not pass and implement a particular decision or project. According to CEO Terri Kelly, in W L Gore leaders have followers who give them support and power of decision making. In W L Gore leaders come from associates, who support them in decision making, give then authority of leading and sharing views which totally show the democratic style in company. W L Gore is more democratic in term of leadership and less in management (management exchange i, 2011) 1.3 Laissez faire style of W L Gore
W.L Gore and associates where no managers, no job

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