Vygotsky 's Socio Cultural Theory Essay

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Vygotsky(Berk,2007) is well-known for his Socio-Cultural theory that children are influenced by culture, education, family and religion. He believed that children are actively involved in their learning process and he stressed the influences of society and culture.

In Vygotsky’s Socio-Cultural theory, young children’s development is closely related to their social activities, a lot of children’s learning is socially constructed. He believed that every dimension of children’s cognitive development is implanted in a social context(Berger, 2011). When children enter school, they spend much time discussing language, literacy, and other academic concepts—experiences that encourage them to reflect on their own thinking. As a result, they gain dramatically in reasoning and problem solving(Berk, 2007, p. 23).Children learn from both more competent adults and peers through their social interaction. According to Vygotsky, social interaction─in particular, cooperative dialogues with more knowledgeable members of society-in necessary for children to acquire the ways of thinking and behaving that make up a community’s culture(Rowe&Wertsch,2002).The Socio-Cultural theory is linked to the term scaffolding. Early childhood teachers support children when they need help to achieve goals. Scaffolding is the support provided when a child cannot do something independently, it is used to advance and extend a child’s development. This support is gradually removed as the child’s competence…

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