Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory Essay

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9. Define and explain Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory, and give one example of direct and indirect family influence that you can identify in your own personal experience. Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system theory analyzes development as resulting from both biological and environmental influences, influences that are multi-layered and complex. An example of direct family influence in my own life is that which my maternal grandmother had, and continues to have, on me. My grandmother was very patient with me as a child, offering praise when I behaved well. In response, I was always incredibly respectful in her presence. I listened carefully when she spoke and felt very calm in any situation in which I shared her company. In contrast, my older sister had a very different direct influence on me once I reached age 6. She started to blame me for things I did not do, yelling and …show more content…
Compare and discuss make-believe play in Vygotsky vs Piaget. Vygotsky believes that make-believe play demonstrates how students are capable of using real world experiences to learn about tasks and represent cultural meanings associated with them. He suggests that children are naturally inclined to engage in make-believe play and are likely satisfied by it’s social acceptability. Adult participation inspires exaggerated reactions. Vygotsky believes that exposure to tasks that inspire play are beneficial. Piaget describes make-believe as being a stepping stone in child development. It is a part of the sensorimotor stage. Piaget expresses that children are capable of acting out imaginary activities as well as everyday observed activities during make-believe. Make-believe is a look into how children “think” with their senses (sight, touch, hearing, etc.).

13. Choose any one of Erikson's first three stages. Define it, visualize a scenario FROM an EDUCATIONAL setting in which you are the teacher/educator. Describe the challenges posed by both ends of the stage to you as an

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