Essay about Vulnerable Adult Abuse

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Currently, the initial visit would involve the social worker ascertaining five principles of capacity of the older person included in the Mental Capacity Act (2005), unless ‘it is established he lacks capacity’ (Mental Capacity Act 2005 c9 p1 s1 (2)). This is in conjunction with the Care Act (2014), which states that support would be via ‘any person whom the adult asks the authority to involve or, where the adult lacks capacity to ask the authority to do that, any person who appears to the authority to be interested in the adult’s welfare’ (Care Act 2014: c23 p1 s9 (5)).

Therefore, unless other provisions have been made, the responsibility may be given to partners or families regarding care needs. However, research suggests that the source of vulnerable adult abuse is mostly financial and physical and is mainly initiated by a social care worker or family member (HSCIS, 2014). Furthermore, there is no requirement for partners and families to be formally registered as carers. Fundamentally, it is the right of an older adult to expect to be protected and feel safe and the responsibility of the social worker to assess risk and respond to safeguarding issues (HCPC, 2012; BASW, 2012).
It is important for a social worker to establish a balance, by making sure they are not so overprotective and intrusive that older service users, partners and their families are prevented from leading independent, ordinary lives. However, this must be weighed up against an individual’s…

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