Vrin Analysis: Strategic Group Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Industry Life Cycle: Evaluate in which phase of the cycle the INDUSTRY as a whole your company belongs is at the moment. You can differentiate between different markets. For example for computers industry you can say that in Western World the industry has reached maturity, but for Asia markets the industry is still in growth.
Strategic Group Analysis: Evaluate the positioning of the company’s competitors in the map you will assemble. Find two variables to describe the industry (eg. Price and number of stores). Why these two variables you have chosen are the most important ones for the industry? How exactly will you measure them? What kind of strategic groups are shaped? Is there an opportunity for the company to move to a space in the map with less
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Which of them is Rear, Valuable, In-imitable, Non-Substitutable?
 Porter’s Value Chain: Analyse the Operations of the Company. Which of them are in fact adding value to the company?
 Virtual Chain: What the company does in order to mine and exploit information while implementing its operation? What kind of information it gathers and how this is a value-adding element?

Generic Strategies: Analyse the company’s main strategy. Is there a certain clear strategy that is implemented, leading the company to competitive advantage obtainment?
This part focuses to the company itself (resources, operations, strategies). Don’t write anything about the external environment.

Generation and Evaluation of Strategic Options: This part should include:
A SWOT Analysis: Start this part with a SWOT summarizing the most important results of the 2 previous parts. Summarize the most important results from the analysis of external environment to the Opportunities and Threats of the SWOT. Summarize the most important results from the Analysis of Resources and Competences Part to the Strengths and Weaknesses part of a

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