Voting System Essay

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Throughout the world there are numerous types of political systems that are used to determine the leadership within the government of a nation. Not all nations are alike in the ways that the winner is ultimately decided. The reasons for holding elections are simple. In a society, people have differences of opinion. Within countries there are millions, if not hundreds of millions of people who hold opinions of their own. In order to fairly elect leaders and vote on decisions it is necessary to have organized voting systems. In this paper the focus will be on democratic nations that allow its citizens to vote and participate in government. Many nations go about elections differently. The ways in which each nation has decided on the type of ballot …show more content…
In addition to elections for government positions, ballots are used to vote for awards and even winners of TV singing competitions. The usage of elections is wide spread and an integral part of our society. This is a topic that presents an important discussion to better understand what type of voting systems are used, where they are used and why they are used.
One of the most commonly used ballot systems in the world is the plurality voting system also called “first past the post”. In the plurality system, the candidate with the majority of the votes is the winner of the election. This system is widely used in countries like The United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, and India amongst many others. In the United States, this system is seen in national elections. Voters will head to the voting centers to cast their votes during Election Day. At the voting station the voters will be presented a ballot that contains a list of candidates. Voters then are able to select one candidate who they wish to vote for. After the voting period ends the votes are tallied and counted. The candidate that receives a simple majority is declared the winner. This system is extremely simple and offers voters a straightforward approach to picking the candidate that
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However, they are used in many walks of life outside of politics as well. The various forms of ballot methods show the complexity of reaching a desired winner in an election. Voting is an expression of freedom that allows individuals in a society to come together and share their opinion about who they believe should win. There is no doubt that voting is one of the most important tasks that citizens have when it comes to deciding the direction that their nation will head. The debate will always be had over which method produces the “fairest” or reasonable result. The answer to that question is certainty one that has been argued by many experts and scholars on the matter. In each example of voting method examined in this piece there has been numerous flaws contained within them. No voting system is perfect, and understanding how they work can provide some insight to what the public believes. In the various examples it is seen through the flaws and problems of system that the major issue was due to voter strategy. This is a variable that the creators of voting systems have always faced for many years. No system is able to account for all the ways that the public can choose to express their opinions, or prevent the expression of others

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