Voting Rights Within The United Kingdom Essay

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Introduction A voting right can be defined as a special right that is given to a common shareholder for purposes of voting in person or by proxy on the affairs of a nation. Voting rights differ from one country to the other and the people who are eligible to vote in different countries vary1. The variations are brought about by different Acts that are developed by legislators from different countries in different geographic locations. As such, it is always good to have the idea on how the developed Acts define the group of people who are eligible to voting over a specified region in a specified time period 2.
Voting rights in UK There are different specifications that have been put in the UK to define those who can vote and those who cannot vote. The United Kingdom has such defined those eligible for voting to be at least eighteen years of age, be a British citizen by birth or by adoption and also not to be subject to any of the legal irregularities that exist in the country 2. To add on this, there are a group of people who cannot qualify to vote in the United Kingdom and this group includes, all members of the house of lords though the have limited voting rights. These members can vote at elections to local authorities and devolved legislatures as well as the European parliament 1. Again, the European Union citizens who live in the United Kingdom are also not eligible to voting though they have limited voting capabilities just like the House of Lords members 1.…

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