Voting Is A Vital Component Of A Democratic Society Essay

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Voting is a vital component of a democratic society. Despite this, there are a significant amount of people who do not do so. Once a place of incredibly high voter turnout, New Zealand in recent years has taken a remarkable shift in the other direction. Only by understanding which groups of people do not vote and why they choose to do so, can we take the best initiative in changing the path we are going down.
The reduction in voter turnout has not occurred across the board. Particular groups of people are significantly less likely to vote, or be enrolled, than others. Most broadly, ethnic minorities, especially Maori, and young people, generally considered under the age of 29, are those least represented as a proportion of their relative size in voter turnout statistics. In the 2014 general election only 62% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 chose to vote. This is well below an average turnout of 77% for that election and completely contrast to a turnout of 86% for voters at the other end of the age scale, those aged 70 and above. In regards to Maori turnout, it is decidedly lower than non-Maori turnout at every age level, taking an average of 66%. These statistics are based on the turnout of enrolled voters, as opposed to the entire population, and are taken from the Electoral Commission website.
The reasons behind these results are similar between these two groups, and is largely linked to the idea of efficacy and its reduction in the minds of these of voters (Catt…

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