Voter ID Laws Essay

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Voter ID Laws

The right of any citizen of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any
State on account of age.” - The 26th Amendment. (Campus Congress, August
30, 2011). The right to vote guaranteed by the constitution is under attack.
Restricted Voter ID legislation is being passed in state after state. These voter
ID laws claim to combat voter fraud by requiring voters to have specific government issued photo ID’s when voting. The problem is they don’t actually prevent voter fraud.
In 2007, the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law released The Truth About Voter Fraud, the most
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It’s a similar story in other states that have passed voter ID laws. South Carolina, Kansas, Tennessee and Texas have each reported fewer than ten cases of voter fraud over the past five years, but have millions of residents without the required identification. If these laws were passed in every state they would disenfranchise over 20 million citizens who lack the required identification cards. That is more than one out of every ten eligible voters. The numbers get worse when you look at who lack the required ID’s.
15% of low income people, 18% young people, and 25% black people across the nation. In Wisconsin alone 59% of Latina women and 78% of black males between the ages of 18-24 lack the required identifications such as a drivers license. Disfranchisement In the state of Pennsylvania they could not show one case of Voter fraud.
So where is this national epidemic? Pennsylvania Judge, Robert Simpson put a hold on the new voter ID law. He says, “I’m just not convinced that in my predictive judgment that there will not be any voter disfranchisement arising out of this new law.” (Fox News, October 2, 2012). Older Americans, the disabled, our veterans and students all face challenges in states where voter
ID’s are required. These United States citizens who are being disenfranchised are people you may not expect. For example Bill Internicola a 91 year old

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