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Throngs of Swazis living mainly around the border towns were seen taking part in the South African national elections, voting for their favorite political parties on May 7.
In an interview with Sanelisiwe Dlamini a resident of Matsamo* who was spotted by Swazi Mirror in a queue in one of the polling stations near the border post, she stated that she crossed the border together with many others with the sole purpose to “get inked.” She stated that they consider themselves as both South African and Swazi. She explained that the border towns are highly populated yet there are no critical services required by the people residing there as such they find themselves having to cross to the neighboring town for a living.
“The community relies on
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One local Newspaper carried out a report in January revealing that communities around border towns prefer enrolling their children into South African Secondary and High Schools to avoid the high cost of education in the country. A form 1 scholar in South Africa pays about E200 per term including stationary whereas local schools would charge not less than E2000 including stationer especially for the first term alone plus more for the subsequent months. Such children cross the border for education each day.
One elderly, Gogo Mary Sukati stated that she accesses the social grant without guilt because she considers herself a legitimate beneficiary. Sukati said she worked all her life in South Africa as a domestic worker, in the border town, way before the boundaries were installed. She says by the time she came back to Swaziland she was already a pensioner therefore feel obliged to manipulate her “hard earned” investment in the economy of South Africa.” Sukati says she did not hide his identity to the South African officials when registering for the grant but clarified her claim to it and got registered.
According to the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs Anthony Masilela stated that the Ministry is aware of the bizarre situation around the border towns stating that the department is working around the clock to ensure full compliance with immigration dictates as well as the constitution in their day to day operations. He said the government

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