Vonnegutny's Slaughterhouse-Five Essay

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With the concept of Schittny’s Invisibility Cloak, a feat as marvelous as that of using extreme distortion to simulate invisibility follows a very strict regime for it to actually become reality. And despite the irony of it, any individual needs an algorithm to cause chaos. The Cloak for instance, is the result of two large electromagnetic fields actively valancing atomic particles in the vicinity of the desired object to move constantly so that light that is directed at them passes through them instead of reflecting back into the viewer’s retina. The confusion that the system banks upon for the simulation of invisibility happens only as a result of careful, methodic and scientific calculations that took months to perfect. The Invisibility Cloak however is not the only example of deliberate disarray brought about by a simple procedure. In …show more content…
Iamb, a meter where a short syllable is followed by a stressed syllable, represents the normalcy of Pilgrim’s life before he was enlisted in the war. Trochee, a meter where the short syllable follows the stressed syllable, stands in place of the trauma that Pilgrim sustains from the war and the very initial impact it has on his mind. Lastly, anapest, a rhythmic meter where two short syllables are followed by one long, stressed syllable, is indicative of the full impact that the war has on Pilgrim as Vonnegut uses it to depict all the instances of where Pilgrim exhibits symptoms of PTSD and faces social consequences because of his condition. These three very different meters, governed by Vonnegut’s purpose of bringing a realistic image of the war to light, cumulatively bring about the aforementioned effect of an anacoluthon, creating a virtual experience of the confounding psychosocial effects war has on

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