Von Thunen Model And Sinclair's Model Of The Agricultural Land Use Zones

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The agricultural land use zones are explained by two models which are Von Thunen model and Sinclair model. Von Thunen used concept of concentric rings to support his ideas on land use zones which is similar to Sinclair’s model. Each concentric ring has agricultural use which is practiced in it. The farming is more intensive from inner rings and more extensive as you move to outer rings. Von Thunen model describes the significance of distance and location.
Von Thunen’s model is based on economic rent, the model state that the intensity of production decrease with increasing distance from the market. The economic rent decreases with increasing distance from the market as shown in the diagram.
The economic rent is higher at the market and decreases
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The Sinclair’s model state that the intensity of production increases with increasing distance from the city. Sinclair developed his theory by using his ideas based on Von Thunen’s theory. Sinclair made a proposal that Von Thunen zonation of concentric rings must be inverted so as intensity agricultural activities increases with increasing distance from the city. The Sinclair’s model shape that transport costs are not increasing with increasing distance, there are methods which are used to support the statement which proves that as true, the methods used are refrigeration, air-conditioning techniques and perishable commodities. The model says that there is expected urban encroachment. The urbanization that takes place have greater impact on agriculture. The diagram displays the value of land for agriculture showing the increase in production intensity as distance increases from the city. The steepness of the slope displayed in the diagram is associated with the expected urban growth. The Slope 1 shows gentle increase in agricultural land value as you move away from the city. The Slope 2 shows steep increase in agricultural land value as you move away from the city. The speculators buy the land and wait for development before they sell the land, so as to make …show more content…
The value of the land increases as new development has huge impact. The urban land increases more which the zone changes from rural to urban. The growth of rural urban fringe is shaped by agricultural policy. The Sinclair’s model assumed that the urban land is more advantageous compared to rural land which was true because in the rural urban fringe the dominating characteristics are those of urban. According to Sinclair’s model the outer ring is used for extensive agriculture which farmers expect the urban encroachment to occur in the future. The products far away from the city can use refrigeration trucks to transport the perishable agricultural products because Sinclair model state that transport costs are directly proportional to distance. The urban expansion eradicate the zones of agriculture. The Von Thunen model explains that rural urban fringe is strictly for agriculture as depicted in the

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