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By splitting its target group by car range specific email

communications, Volvo is consistently achieving extremely high response rates. In addition, the awareness of

customers and prospects of the existence of Volvo’s newsletter is exceptional with up to 8 out of 10 recipients actually reading the newsletter on a regular basis.

For almost 80 years, Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has

committed itself to reach the highest security and safety standards which are then packaged into high quality,

attractive Scandinavian design. Many new and exciting

car models shape the face of the Volvo brand this year

so it’s hardly surprising that Volvo is also pursuing new,

innovative and successful ways of communication.
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“ In eCircle, we found a partner

who understands how

to meet our high demands

for consistently good target

group marketing ”

Oliver Engling

Head of Advertising and CRM

Volvo Car Germany GmbH

Ë Innovative Campaigns which

Complement their Regular


With the claim “Meet the Man of your Dreams“, Volvo

tested the concept of using the same campaign twice:

once in a TV advert and then once again in a video mail

campaign which was sent to a 3rd party list. Video

mail allows an email to be sent, in which - with the help

of streaming - a video clip including sound is directly received in the recipient’s email preview pane. The

objective of the campaign conceived by eCircle was to

generate interest in test drives of the new Volvo models as well as taking advantage of the associated branding effects, which was why a target specific approach

was particularly vital for this campaign. 100,000 email

addresses from their specified target group (people

aged 30+ and living in urban areas) were selected from

eCircle’s permission database.

Ë Target Group Marketing Pays Off: Volvo

Achieves Remarkable Response Rates

Following the campaign, Volvo is really pleased with the

results it achieved. “With our general

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