Essay on Volvo. Consumer Behaviour

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Question 1
In today’s competitive world, every company has to study consumer’s purchasing power and behaviour prior to develop a marketing plan for their product. This enables the marketer to understand who constitute the market, what and why the market buys, who participates in and influences the buying process, and how, when and where consumer buy (Marketing Teacher, 2014).

The car market, in the same manner as other markets, has entered an aggressive period in which, despite the fact that volume sales have expanded, business sector qualities are declining as a consequence of high capacity, abnormal amounts of imports and business immersion. Ladies are still much more probable than men to live in family units with no car,
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Suppose, for example, that the respondent considered Ford, Toyota, and Hyundai, it would be possible to ask the subject questions about his or her view of the relative quality of each respective pair. For example, Ford vs. Toyota, Ford vs. Hyundai, and Toyota vs. Hyundai.

There are a few design elements Volvo YCC should be considered valuable to female consumers. Firstly is the design for solving the small storage solution. Nowadays, most of the women are shopaholics and some of them would have problems with their car storage, where they can't fit all stuff that have been bought. Thus, Volvo should design their concept car with a smart storage that could fit in a lot of stuff, for example the passenger seat behind that can be fold down and create a space for customer to put their thing.

The second design element is the car that easy to get in and get down, female usually will wear dress and some of the car design would hard to enter if women are wearing a dress, because they will concerned about whether they will wardrobe malfunction. Therefore, Volvo should design a car that has enough space and exact height for a women that are wearing dress enter the car without ant wardrobe malfunction. Next design is the car with a good visibility, these days there are many car accident happen due the car driver can't see the car that are coming from a dead angle. For example, when you are trying to turning left into a corner but you

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