Volunteering With American Public Square Essay

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Over the course of the semester I have been volunteering with American Public Square. I have completed around eleven hours so far and have been helping at events hosted by the group. At events I have helped attendants find seats, passed out programs, collected questions from the audience, tracked demographics, and cleaned up once attendees have left. While my acts have seemed small to me, those putting on the programs have said these little things amount to a large burden off their shoulders. From American Public Squares website it is an "organization that is changing the tone and quality of public discourse by bringing non like-minded people together to create a forum for fact-based, civil conversation about national, regional and local issues." At the beginning of the semester I saw no connection between what I saw at events and the readings in class but as I look back I notice that the attendants and speakers are mostly similar, they live in the same metro, they are predominantly white, and over the age of fifty. This leads me to wonder if Bill Bishop 's The Big Sort, Cass Sunstein 's Going to Extremes, and Johnathan Haidt 's The Rightous Mind ideas of the desire to surround ourselves with likeminded people which leads to partisanship are true and American Public Square is only working against itself.

In Bishop 's The Big Sort the main topic is the geographic clustering of like-minded people. When American Public Square hosts events in Kansas City it is unlikely…

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