Volunteering At East Goshen Elementary School Essays

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Volunteering is a great way to gain experience for a career and to give back to the community. I was eager to explore the volunteer options and ready for the experience. It is an eye-opening experience and provides such insight and I was excited to volunteer to help students with special needs.
I chose to volunteer in an Autistic Support classroom at East Goshen Elementary School. When I was searching for a place to volunteer it was overwhelming because there were many choices. All I knew is I wanted it to involve helping children because I am in training to become a school counselor. I have worked with regular education students and students with mental health disorders, ranging from infants to high school aged teenagers. I was curious as to how a classroom that is only for children with Autism functions and looks like.
I contacted the teacher Melissa and she had no problem with me coming in to help out. She has been teaching there for five years and worked with all grades in the school, K-5. This year Melissa works with 6 third and fourth-grade boys and one girl in first grade. In addition to teaching, she also runs social skills groups for the boys. She said there are three Autistic Support classrooms located in the school so the caseload is nicely divided between the three Autistic Support teachers.
When I got to the classroom I saw three students at a table with the teacher. They were working on math, the teacher gave all students whiteboards and dry erase markers to…

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