Volunteer As A Mentor For Refugee Girls Essay

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3. I have been very lucky to be able to volunteer as a mentor for refugee girls for the last three years at International House Fort Wayne. Over that time I have built relationships that are based off of a mutual love and respect for different life experiences. Working with my girls every week, I have come to see that there are gaps in the services that are being provided to our children and families and the knowledge of the staff. In the last year in particular, I have jumped into a volunteer social worker role and have been starting the process of bridging the gaps in our services and the needs of our families. More than anything, this role has taught me of the things I lack knowledge in. I have had to find out various laws and policies that work for the benefit of refugees; as well as finding trauma centers and domestic violence shelters that do trainings on violence prevention. My lack of understanding on various topics and the frustrations of both my families and myself have spurred me onto wanting to get my Masters so I can better advocate for them.
I have also been privileged to work for my university’s volunteer services department; and I have served as a community liaison for volunteer options in my community for both undergraduate and graduate students. I often hear from the tight knit community of Huntington and Fort Wayne that they need trained social workers to help fill in the gaps that are needed at the community level. From working with the leaders in my…

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