Voltaire 's ' Candide ' Essay

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Even though, the Broadway play complements Voltaire’s novel, Candide, there are noticeable changes made. These changes are made in order to captivate the audience. Considering the change in the time period when Voltaire originally wrote Candide, the changes needed to be made in order to contain more modern aspects that the audience would be drawn to. These changes will be discussed throughout the deliberation of the play, but the most important noticed change would be the doubling of the narrator to also play the character of Dr. Pangloss. While the original narrator does this, a second narrator steps in. In the text, the narrator is third person. The medium of the play did face challenges by switching from text to a live Broadway set. Obviously, the portrayal of Voltaire’s plot needed to be over exaggerated in order for the audience to grasp the satiric features Voltaire intended for. Just like in the novel, the idea of women as sexual objects were a main feature in the play from Cunegonde to the Old Woman to Paquette. Each of these women were exhorted in many situations by men characters. In both the text and play, Cunegonde and the Old Woman are raped by men then sold to other men. The women were made to seem victims uncontrollable of their lives. However, the play presents the women as exploiting characters that will use their beauty to gain jewels and riches. An example in the play, is when the governor proposes marriage to Cunegonde. Both Cunegonde and the Old Woman…

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