Volkswagen Do Brasil - Driving Strategy with the Balanced Scorecard

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Volkswagen do Br rasil: Driving Strategy with the
Balanced Scorecard d op yo kswagen do Brasil (VWB), studied the color-coded charts and d Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volk indicators on his wall. The data sh howed financial, customer, process, and employee p performance through end-of-year 2008. Schmall a his management team had introduced the Balance Scorecard and ed in 2007 as part of a program to reve erse eight consecutive years of market share declines a financial and losses. So far, the turnaround had been successful. The new enthusiasm among the workforce, d e consumers, suppliers, and dealers h led to strong sales
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The Automotive Landscape in Brazil e Do

Brazil had the fifth largest land area and population in the world. It enjoyed abund d dant natural resources including minerals, water and large quantities of cultivated and unused fertile land. Brazil r, e was an attractive consumer market as well as an export platform for commodities and m manufactured s goods. Approximately 85% of its 53 million households lived in urban areas, half in the more developed and industrialized South heast region, where the per capita income was nearly twice that of the Northern region.


Professor Robert S. Kaplan and Senior Researche Ricardo Reisen de Pinho of the Latin America Research Center prepar er red this case with guidance and assistance from Professor Krishna Palepu. The authors wish to acknowledge the support and work done o this project by on ped
Christopher Davies Junior. HBS cases are develop solely as the basis for class discussion. Cases are not intended to serve as endorsements, sources of primary data, or illustrations of effective or ineffective management.

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