Comparison Of Jetta And Volkswagen

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First off, for this compare and contrast, I will be talking about the similarities between the two cars. The first similarity is the leather. They both have leather interior but I prefer the Chevy’s leather as it looks more fitting. The leather in the Jetta looked forced to be in the car, it didn’t look natural. The second similarity is the price range. These cars are both very affordable, even for younger high school kids if they have the motivation to save. The Volkswagen Jetta is about $17,895, and the Chevy is just under that sitting at $16,975. Both prices are for a newer 2017 model, so taking into consideration, the price is very cheap. The third similarity is gas mileage, they both get about 40 miles per gallon on the highway. That’s great for people traveling to and from work every day in a town, and not a large city. The fourth and last similarity to mention is they are both 2017 versions and white. I have a strong liking for white vehicles, because in my opinion it looks nicer, and …show more content…
The Volkswagen (VW) has a five-star rating, but along with the rating, it has four recalls on an issue of the car and six complaints on it. It seems to me like that is a very high rating for how many issues are presented with it. The Chevy Cruze has a four-star rating but didn’t give any insight as to why it was rated a four. I kept reading on the statistics on the rating and I found some more information concerning why they were rated how they were. The VW have had complaints on squeaky doors and rodents chewing through soy-based wiring. Although that isn’t the companies fault and they weren’t major issues, people still sent in complaints over it. Although the Chevy had greater issues, they were only a one-star difference. The Cruze had been reported to have cracked pistons, rattling pillars, and an alternator failure. That to me makes sense as to why they have a lower rating than the

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