Volcanic Eruptions And Its Effects Essay

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Picture a pot of sauce topped with a lid on the back burner of a stove. As the heat rises and pressure builds, the inevitable will eventually happen. There will be a dangerous explosion of boiling tomato sauce violently and uncontrollably shooting out from all directions. This is essentially what happens during a volcanic eruption albeit on a much grander scale. An eruption is caused by the buildup and release of magma, or molten rock, through weak spots in the earth’s crust. Over time, several eruptions in the same area will yield a familiar looking volcano. Volcanic eruptions have a very powerful, immediate impact followed by indirectly related secondary events as well as the potential for long term after effects.
The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when thinking about a volcanic eruptions is probably rivers of rapidly moving red hot lava cascading down the volcano’s slope threatening property and people alike. In retrospect, lava moves relatively slow compared to the far more dangerous pyroclastic flows thus causing far more property damage than loss of life. According to Merck these pyroclastic flows are rapid avalanches consisting of volcanic fragments ranging in size from ash to much bigger pieces sweeping down the mountainside destroying everything in their path (154). Another direct danger of volcanic eruption is the poisonous gases, mainly sulfur and carbon dioxides. In the case of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii in 79 CE it was the gases…

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