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10 most commonly used voice commands used when training a dog.
Are you looking forward to your first training session with your dog? If so, you might be wondering what voice commands should you use. It must be a coincidence because today we’re going to talk about the 10 most commonly used voice commands used for training a dog.
Dog commands are words (or gestures), which you use to teach your pooch to associate with a certain behavior – sitting, jumping, fetching. Professional trainers usually use the same set of voice commands when training dogs, but some owners prefer to choose their own words.
That’s fine. Just remember that the commands should not be complicated or difficult to remember. Your dog is capable of understanding a lot of what
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Dogs are curious creatures, and their curiosity might get them in trouble if they want to investigate the broken pieces of glass. “Leave it” might also come in handy when you notice your pooch eyeing your new pair of shows.
# 9 Drop it
“Drop it” is also an important voice command, which you must teach your dog. It might save his life one day if he is about to eat something poisonous or dangerous. It will also allow you to play tug-of-war safely and make it easier to retrieve toys.
# 10 Find it
“Find it” can be used when you want your dog to track something/someone by scent. Of course, you might not be training Rover to be a mountain-rescue dog, but “Find it” is a mind-stimulating exercise and dogs love it. You’ll also benefit from it if you tend to lose your car keys often.
Training a dog is a big responsibility because you’re shaping his character and teaching him what’s right and what’s wrong. But dog training should also be fun both for you and your dog and not something you do just because you have to. Furthermore, keep your training sessions short and funny and don’t bother your pooch if he is not feeling up to it.
What do you think about these 10 most commonly used voiced commands? Does your dog know them? Share your story in our comment

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