Vodou And Voodoo Research Paper

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Are zombies a myth, something we tell people to scare them or to explain the end of the world, or are they real? If you ever look up the word zombie you would know that one of the definitions, they use to describe zombie is a person who is or seams lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings. If you look around you them, you would see that our society is already turning into a zombified world. The people in our society just walk around on their phones or lessoning to their music, not paying any attention to the world around them. I know this isn’t exactly the way most people would describe a zombie. Peoples views know a days are based on movies and T.V shows, but that’s not how the zombies came about. Zombies originated from the Caribbean. Eventually a writer by the name of William Buehler Seabrook went to Haiti to ask the people about this folklore. That is when William wrote the story called …show more content…
One of the greatest examples of voodoo is from the American Horror Story. In episode four there was a scene where a boy died so one of the women did some black magic voodoo to raise the dead. After she does that she commands them to kill the people that were involved in killing the boy. This brings us back to the idea are zombies real. Both voodoo and black magic are a part of a religoes based consept and to people that believe in these formes of religion this could really happen in there minds. People who believed in voodoo back then say it as a very powerful type of magic that could do anything. Now that we know voodoo is a form of magic, then vodou would be discribed in a similar manor. When I think of vodou I think of the movie I Walked with a zombie. In the movie it talks about this woman, Jessica, who snapes and turnes into a zombie. In the movie the natives belive that the only way to snap her out of it is vodou. This type of religiose vodou is nome on the idea of healing and

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