Essay on Vodka Ad

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Ryan Thouin

Composition 101

Mrs. Lhota

7 March 2011

Skyy Vodka “Gender Ad” Skyy Vodka is one of the top five selling vodkas throughout America (“American,” par. 1). This alcohol company has become a leading vodka seller because of many reasons, and one of the most important reasons is advertising. Moreover, Skyy Vodka has been known for their provocative nature and underlying stereotypes found throughout their ads. Stereotypes are something conforming to a fixed or general pattern, especially a standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment (“Stereotype,” par. 1). Most Skyy Vodka ads portray women as inferior
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From just that alone the audience can infer that the executive demands the women to drink with him because he either needs a women to make him feel better, or he just needs a women to make him feel complete and powerful about himself. This portrayal of functional ranking can lead women to feel inferior to men because the man is portrayed as executive and proper while the women is shown as scandalous and looked down upon.
Another form of subtle stereotyping found in this ad is relative size, which is the tendency to depict men as taller and larger than women, except when women are clearly superior in social status (“Jones,” pg. 232). Since the clear stereotype seen in this ad is a woman being dominated by men and being seduced at the same time, dominance plays a key role (“Parfet,” par. 12). The dominance or power in this ad is portrayed by the man standing over the women, which depicts him as taller and larger then the women. The tallness of the man standing over the women with two glasses and vodka helps portray the message of men using power and alcohol to attract women (“Parfet, par. 14). Relative size can easily lead women to feel powerless when it comes to males because the larger or taller the male, the less likely the women will standup for herself. The clear message relative size helps represent is that men should be powerful and carry alcohol to attract the best-looking women. Relative size plays a

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