Vocabulary Lesson Article Analysis

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“Vocabulary Lessons” is an article about the importance of vocabulary in the classroom and how to make sure that a teacher is doing what they can to provide a vocabulary rich environment. Researchers learned by writing this article that there were not enough resources out there for educators to teach vocabulary. The goal of this article was to come up with ways to help educators teach vocabulary. This article talks about the practices that an educator can use to help a student with vocabulary development. Things like word play, rich instruction and providing a wide range of books for reading. The STAR model is one that these researchers are recommending to educators it stands for: select, teach, activate and revisit. By following these steps educators can help their student become vocabulary rich. “According to Biemiller (2001), a young student’s reading vocabulary usually runs about two years behind his or her oral vocabulary. Therefore, …show more content…
Vocabulary is something that is something that I can always build. The model that they used in the article for the educators is something that I should be doing myself as a student. I believe that I do some of the things they suggest but not all. I should be revisiting vocabulary more to help me retain more. As a future teacher I know that the STAR model is something that I will want to do in my classroom. I know that learning to do this in all reading activities will help me to be a better teacher and make my students vocabulary rich. I also like how they give the tips about word play I know that this is something that I will have to work on so that I am not using the same vocabulary with my students all the time. Students will learn by what I provide for them and that means providing a vocabulary rich environment in by the things that I have in my

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