Vocabulary: How Weather Aspects Affects Time For Children

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This text set proposal is designed to teach the weather to a Kindergarten class in a way that students between the ages of 5-6 years old can understand. This text set will explore different kinds of weather and how it will affect people’s everyday activities. The text that will be used in this unit will be nonfiction and fiction. Nonfiction text will provide scientific facts about the weather; fiction text will provide students insight as to how fictional characters handle different kinds of weather.
The literature to be presented will address different weather – rain, clouds, heat, snow and hurricanes. Chosen text will engage students while building upon prior knowledge the students may have experienced. Vocabulary that may create barriers will be addressed before and during the unit such as meteorologist, temperature, hurricane, tornado, precipitation, etc.
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What are different kinds of weather?
2. Is there dangerous weather to be aware of?
3. How do I dress in different kinds of weather?
4. What activities can be done in different kinds of weather?
5. How is the weather measured?
6. Have I seen this information before? (text to

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