Vocabulary Acquisition Through Audio-Video Aids Essays

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Vocabulary Acquisition through Audio-Video Aids


With the advancement in computerized technology, there are a great number of advantages using computers and multimedia for second language instruction. Vocabulary plays an important part in second language acquisition and academic achievement. The role that vocabulary knowledge plays in second and foreign language acquisition has long been neglected. However, vocabulary is currently receiving increased emphasis in the language teaching curriculum. This paper will focus on various possibilities to enhance vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension with the help of technology. Furthermore, the variety of media such as text, graphics, audio, and video for delivering
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We remember images better than words; hence we remember words better if it they are associated with images.” Multimedia annotations (images and text) benefit students more than single-medium glosses. Therefore, to assist students on vocabulary learning, designers of multimedia courseware would be well advised to provide learners access to associated images of target vocabulary. Students have different perceptual learning styles—different sensor preferences for processing information. Some students, categorized as au¬ditory learners, tend to process information through listening to instruction via lectures, tapes, or films. Other learners prefer to process information by reading printed material silently, while still others receive information better by association with charts, images, and graphs. These learners are categorized as visual/verbal and visual/nonverbal learners, respectively.

2. Vocabulary Learning with CALL and CALT With the emergence and popularity of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (CALL & CALT), many English teachers have shifted their focus from teacher-centered or book-centered instruction to students-centered or classroom-based instruction. With respect to the new information technology, language teachers may use computers and Internet in language teaching. There seems little doubt that CALL and CALT is presently the most innovative area in the practice of foreign or second language teaching and

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