Vladimir Nabokov Symbols

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Christopher Moore once said “ if you think anyone is sane you just don’t know enough about them”. There is an author named Vladimir Nabokov who has written a story called Signs and Symbols. This story is a perfect example behind the meaning of Christopher Moore’s quote. Nabokov’s story starts off with a couple looking for a gift for their sons birthday. They go through a variety of gifts eliminating a bunch of them that might offend him or frighten him and finally find a basket full of ten little jars that had 10 different fruit jellies inside of them. On the day that they went to go deliver his gift the subway train they were going to take it lost its life current and so they had to take a bus that was running late. They reached the sanatorium …show more content…
Even the title of the story let you know that it’s not. This story is filled with a bunch of signs in symbols and heres ones that was found the most important. Let’s start with when they were waiting at the bus stop for the bus. There was a bird that was sitting there that could not fly and it was splashing around in a puddle of water, that bird represent their son because that’s all he could do over at the sanitarium. He sits there wondering why he’s there and not able to go anywhere, trapped like a animal. But yet again this but also symbolizes something else. It symbolizes the family, the family is stuck. They are in a position that is hard to move in. They go everyday knowing that they are different due to the fact that they aren’t together ever. They don’t eat together, they don’t watch movies together, and they can never say goodnight to one another all because one of the family members, the son, is locked up in a sanitarium. The next one I want to point out is when the husband gets up because he cannot sleep. He goes to lay on the couch then sits up hitting his forehead with his clinched fist while stomping down on the floor, this is a sign of mental illness. This shows that with all the traumatic stress that they have been put under with their son being in the sanitarium it is driving them insane as

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