Essay on Vlad the Impaler

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A man that had a lot of power, was brilliant, was the prince of a country at one time, and a mastermind of torture. All of these words are describing Vlad Dracula, otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler. [The middle ages have produced numerous legends and heroes that remain very much a part of our contemporary culture; one need only to refer to the Tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table or of the outlaw Robin Hood,…Amidst the struggle to halt the Ottoman onslaught in Southeastern Europe the historical figure of Vlad Dracula arose to become a legend in his own time] (Treptow, 2000, p.7).
Vlad the Impaler or Dracula was a very smart man in a sick way. He once tried to use a “technique…[not used]…to impale the anus but rather
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Then Douglas Myles tells the reader that he has a couple lines from “Kbyber” by Charles Miller and it includes methods Vlad used for torture saying that, [Amir included a chapter entitled “Tortures and Methods of Execution,” whose subtitles read: “Hanging by hair and skinning alive…Beating to death with sticks…Cutting men into pieces…Throwing down mountain-side…Starving to death in cages…Boiling woman to soup and man drinking it before execution…Punishment by exposure and starvation…Burying alive…Throwing into soap boilers…Cutting off hands…Blinding…Trying to bent trees and disrupting…Blowing from guns…Hanging, etc.] Martin also noted that “there are other forms of torture…but these cannot be described,”(105). In “Romanian the name dracul means ‘devil; in the fifteenth century it also had the meaning of ‘dragon.’ Dracula meant ‘son of dragon,’ referring to [Vlad’s] father Vlad II Dracul, while the etymological evolution of the word and the legend has transformed it to mean ‘son of the devil’

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