Vivian Lee Saxon Walters: A Brief Biography

Vivian Lee Dixon Walters was born August 6, 1939. The daughter of a pastor, she grew up learning about God and reading the bible. In her early 20’s she met and married a young man and together they had 3 children, however when the children were still very young her husband suddenly passed away. The faith that she had in God got her through this tough time and made her faith even stronger. She eventually met and fell in love with a man that had lost his wife. Together they had 5 children and they raised them with the same Christian foundation that they both had. Vivian had white hair, and white sparkling teeth, always wore the same perfume and it smelt so good but I do not recall what it was called.
Years passed and the family grew stronger, there were no “step” titles, only mom and dad, brothers and sisters. High school was a trying time for some of the kids. One of them even became pregnant. Right around that time Vivian also discovered that she was pregnant. Both pregnancies were unexpected, mother and daughter pregnant at the same time, both due close to the
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One night I was talking to her and I just started to cry and she had already known why so she just prayed with me and she just reminded me again to just believe and have faith in God and he will help. When we said that I knew things were probably getting worse with her. The main thing she prayed with me about was “Even when I am gone pray to God for whatever it is that may be happening, don’t drift away become closer with him, because a life closer to God is the life you will want.” A couple months had gone by after that visit, and my mom and Debbie were talking about nursing homes and they weren’t expecting me to be listening. I just froze when I heard their conversation because that meant she could no longer take care of herself. I was

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