Vitro Meat And Its Effects On The World 's Population Essay

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“It is estimated that by 2050 the world’s population could be over nine billion. Each year, nearly 10 million die of hunger and hunger-related diseases. With this increase in population, a new method of obtaining food will be necessary in order to be able to feed this increasing population. It is estimated that meat demand will increase by seventy percent during that time span.” (Grid, web) One way to combat this in vitro meat.
What is in vitro meat? In vitro meat is any meat product that has not been inside an animal. It is also referred to as cultured beef. How is it made? Well for starters, muscle cells are harvested from a living cow. Then scientists feed and nurture the cell so they can multiply and create muscle tissue. About twenty thousand of these small strands of tissue are joined together to create one normal sized hamburger. It is stated that cells taken from one cow could possibly produce one hundred seventy-five million burgers. It would take four hundred forty thousand cows with today’s modern farming.
“Animal agriculture currently uses up about seventy percent of all farmlands.” (Grid, web) This is taking up a huge portion of land for our drinkable water, combustible fossil fuel resources and land for crops growing. “According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, livestock in the US consume more than 7 times as much grain as the American population—enough grain to feed about 840 million people. The same study finds that roughly…

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