Death Of Judas Research Paper

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Visualizing the “Suicide of Judas and Crucifixion of Christ”
“Suicide of Judas and Crucifixion of Christ” is a rectangular ivory carving of an event depicting four men and one woman. The bottom horizontal part of the rectangular carving functions as the ground of the scene, which subtlety merges into the sides of the carving. The two side and top of ivory carving function as a border with the inscription “REX IVD” over the head of Christ. These men appear to be outside in a warm environment, because four of the men in the carving are wearing light flowy robes. Also, there is a tree on the far left, and it’s full of leaves on its two branches. A peculiar aspect of the tree is that it appears to be cut into three pieces, yet is stacked in such a way that it can support the weight of a dead body on one of it’s branches. The lowest section of the tree is the thickest part of the trunk, where a low branch has been cut short. Also, there is a middle section of the tree that’s a lighter color than the other sections, and this section has three dark diagonal lines on it. The third section of the tree quickly splits into two branches. One of which bends out of frame, and the other which holds Judas. The man on the left, Judas, is hung by the neck from one of the tree branches previously mentioned. The rope is wrapped around his neck, and
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He has a top-hat on his head, a cape covering his right shoulder, a shirt that hangs right above his knees, loose fitting pants that are held up by a rope tied around his waist, and similar shoes to the woman in the sculpture. The front of the man’s face is directly facing the head of Christ, with his arm held above his head. As previously stated, Christ seems to have a deliberate gash on his stomach. The man is putting a majority of his weight on the left leg, while his right leg is reaching into the background and behind the widened base of the

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