Visual Perceptual Lesson Plan

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Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit is a specific learning disability that causes students to struggle with cutting and pasting, difficulty holding pencils and poor hand/eye coordination. This learning disability can cause students to have frequent headaches or to struggle with learning new material.
The third grade science lesson plans covers the Solar System and the order of the planets. The outcome of this lesson plans is for the students to gain knowledge about the Solar System and be able to recite the order of the planets using the acronym, My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nachos. The lesson plan does not use alternate goals or substituted curriculum. The student with the learning disability is expected to know the order of the
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This level of support adaptation increases the amount of social skill development the student will be receiving by having the students work towards a common goal with their partner. The peer buddy can assist the student with cutting and pasting activities that are normally challenging for the student. The peer buddy can also copy notes or help the student decode unknown words or phrases. The peer buddy is not there to give the student answers, but to help with tasks that may be challenging for the …show more content…
The input adaptation for the learning disabled student can be that the teacher supplies the student with larger printed textbooks or books on tape. This allows for the student to gain information through different sources in a way that is easy for them to understand.
The students will compile a report which includes a written description of the planet and a picture of the planet. The output adaptation for the learning disabled student will include raised line paper or word processor instead of handwriting. The student can also be given pencil grips to help the student hold the pencil better and increase fine motor skill support. The teacher should never grade a student with Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit on their handwriting neatness. The reports will be presented orally which works well for the student.
The students will create a poster board displaying facts about the planets. They will cut a poster board into fourths and paste the pieces onto a larger poster board. In order to help the learning disabled child, the peer buddy can cut and paste the pieces. This level of support adaptation is not taking away from the actual lesson plan, but will help the learning disabled child reach the end product without unneeded stress. The teacher can also precut and paste the pieces onto the poster board prior to the lesson plan beginning to save

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