Visual Perception Essay

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Register to read the introduction… She implies that one needs to acquire sufficient knowledge and gather facts about the physiognomy of eyes and the psychology of visual perception in order to better understand the ABCs of how visual images become able to impact us and our social relations. The study of physiognomy of eyes and psychology of how we perceive images forms a big part of the visual culture. Modern technology not only interacts with the public but also affects us individually by interacting on an individual basis with our psychology. It is helpful to understand in context of psychology of visual perception that how our brain receives different signals from a visual image and then works to transform them into s single perception which then influences us in dealing with life and others. The lenses of our eyes catch the rays of light reflected from objects and images by focusing them on the retinas with the help of receptors specific for this purpose and which are also sensitive to rays reflected from images. Furthering the journey of transformation of signals into a single perception, the light imprinted on the retinas is then transferred to the visual cortex of the brain only after being converted into electrochemical signals. The job of the brain is then to comprehend all the different electrochemical signals and …show more content…
It is reported by a Sun Sentinel article that people may “retain more information when they experience it in video and audio presentations” (Cavazos, 2011). The visualization of things through special mediums also forms a crucially important part of visual technology. Some things like distant galaxies or inner pathologies in a human body cannot be visualized by naked eye but with the aid of a telescope or an x-ray. The rays reflected by what we visualize through telescope or an x-ray image then go through the journey of being transformed into perceptions in the brain after which they influence us in making decisions about the nature of weather or human pathology. So acknowledging the importance of the visualization of things which cannot be detected by our eyes single-handedly is also important as many important decisions are made based on that. It is stressed that visual technology does not form a part of our lives alone but has actually become a person’s everyday life. “It is becoming more important in our society today to be able to absorb visual information and regurgitate it accurately. It is not only part of everyday life – it is

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