Visual Communication Reflection

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I chose assignment 5 to reflect my best efforts that highlight the progress I have made when it comes to visual, oral communication, and electronic composition. This assignment, which describes how a PowerPoint designs appeal to its audience, seems to be my best work I have done in English 150 course. It mostly utilizes the concept of visual communication and it forced me to look deeper into fully understanding how authors use strategic methods to try and get their message across with color psychology.
This creative assignment allowed me to speak instead of writing, which availed me of refining my oral communication skills. The process of creating the Power point helped me to use my electronic skills to create an effective project. The best
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In my power point I chose the color black because it is the color of authority and strength. It also conveys intelligence which is probably one of the reasons why most graduation robes are black like Iowa State. To show this, I offer sub points such as describing the designs and showing how they combined to be a successful visual communication. Another example is how I describe how the color scheme is a wise tool to use in order for the power point to be effective. These visual concepts really help my project succeed. Using my voice to communicate my message, I feel, was a wise decision. This is because I wanted the viewer of my PowerPoint to concentrate on the visuals of my slides while at the same time hearing what I had to say about it. For example, I wanted my audience to concentrate on the text and images like the checkered patterns background in my slides as I presented the information. If I just wrote down everything I said and made my audience read while at the same time trying to locate various things in the slides, it would cause much confusion and difficulties. The way in which I keyed in on the main points by talking about them the most was very …show more content…
For one, I feel as if this project already exemplifies my hard work and determination. I feel like it shows that if you constantly revise, edit, and perfect your work, you will end up with a well-established product. This PowerPoint effectively uses visuals, oral, and text to complement each other in order to communicate its message. My evaluation of the PowerPoint clearly shows how certain appeals affect how the audience perceives and retains its message. Throughout the PowerPoint, I undercover the hidden strategies advertisers utilize and reasons behind why they may or may not work. In my power point, I chose the color white because it symbolizes something good and positive. The color white is used by a lot of non-profit organizations. It is also associated with scientists, doctors, and hospitals because these professions wear white to imply sterility. Lastly, the color white attracts people through visual images on

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