Visual Communication Is An Art Essay

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India has the second highest population in world, with more than one-thirds of the population under the poverty line. Most of the farmers in India come below the the average income population.

Graphic Design:
Visual communication is an art. A way to connect an idea to an audience is quite a daunting task, especially when the audience now days consists of a large group of people with multiple attributes such as culture differences, speech, wavelength of thinking, age groups, generation gaps, unknown knowledge etc. It is essential to study the market before proposing a campaign or the similar. Since undergraduate studies, I have learned that, its not only good designing skills that a designer needs, but also the knowledge of the world around oneself. Involving topics such as contemporary influences, social problems, management issues etc. Designers need to put themselves around different people to experience things that they have never experienced before, know things that were once unknown or oblivious to them. They need to formulate a process and keep continued track of it. Consequently, they must have the ability to make change during uncertain situations or times where the initial ideas do not seem favourable.

Agriculture and Indian farmers:
India, the world 's second-greatest rice producer, purchases the grain from nearby ranchers at an altered cost to run its mammoth nourishment welfare program. Ensured costs sway agriculturists to create more (, 2014).…

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